What We’re Talking About: 1991 Inc’s Amazing Graphic Sweatshirts

Meghan Blalock
What We’re Talking About: 1991 Inc’s Amazing Graphic Sweatshirts
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Among the drab choices that your standard winter so often is made up, sometimes it’s important to have just a little bit of fun. And when the StyleCaster editorial team stumbled upon 1991 Inc’s collection of incredible graphic—and highly realistic—sweatshirts, we couldn’t stop talking about them. Which ones were our favorites? We couldn’t decide—we wanted them all.

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When choosing between a sweatshirt depicting a cat riding a unicorn, one covered in a giant sprinkled donut, and a chic one that recalls a wild Mary Katrantzou print, it’s really hard to make a decision. But somehow, we managed to pick our favorites.

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Click through the gallery above and see our 12 top picks, and why we love them (apart from the fact that they’re only $65 each of course.)

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"I love the illusion that there is a hole where your actual stomach would be, and that the donut is finally getting the close-up shot it deserves." - Samantha Lim

Donut Sweatshirt, $54; at 1991 Inc

"Weird, scary, and awesome."
StyleCaster Senior Editor Perrie Samotin's Pick: the Classy Jaws sweater.

$65, at 1991 Inc

"No offense, everyone."

StyleCaster Senior Editor Perrie Samotin's Pick: the "I Am Surrounded by Idiots" Sweater

$65, at 1991 Inc

"C.R.E.A.M. Cats really do rule everything around me, and I'm ashamed that I didn't think of that slogan sooner." - StylCaster Editor, Julie Gerstein

C.R.E.A.M. Sweater, $65; at 1991 Inc

"So amazing!'
StyleCaster Senior Editor Perrie Samotin's Pick: the Gummy Bear Sweater

$65; at 1991 Inc

"It's a ninja cat holding a gold gun riding the back of a unicorn with laser eyes breathing and farting fire in front of a pixellated rainbow. What else do I need to say?" - Samantha Lim

Unicorn Cat Sweatshirt, $65; at 1991 Inc

"I think the only thing better than eating a cinnamon roll is looking like one. Although, now that I'm thinking about it, eating them is way better." - Meghan Blalock

Cinnamon Roll Sweatshirt, $65; at 1991 Inc

"The infinite cats feed my soul. Seriously, who doesn't want an infinite scroll of kitten faces on their body?" - Julie Gerstein

Infinite Cats Sweater, $65; at 1991 Inc

"This sweatshirt is probably the chicest one in the whole bunch. It's giving me a lot of Mary Katrantzou." - StyleCaster Associate Editor, Meghan Blalock

Holographic Sweatshirt, $65; at 1991 Inc

"Old Money Sweater Sloth happens to be our personal financial advisor (nota bene, sloths are pretty fiscally conservative). He also looks rather dapper in a tophat." - Julie Gerstein

Old Money Sloth Sweater, $65; at 1991 Inc


"Normally I consider leopard print to be a neutral, but this sweatshirt is 100% statement." - StyleCaster Editor, Samantha Lim

Roaring Leopard Sweatshirt, $65; at 1991 Inc


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