20 Stylish, Modern and Easy Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Party Ideas
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Graduation season is almost upon us! Grads-t0-be can finally take a breather from assignments and the heavy workload that is high school or college, but before they can truly dive head-first into their much-deserved summer vacation, the next best thing must be planned: the graduation party.

What’s the fun of graduating if you can’t throw a big party after, right?

With the help of Instagram and lifestyle bloggers, we’ve gathered 20 stylish, modern, easy graduation decoration and other party ideas—so you can put together the most IG-worthy bash ever.

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1. A homemade “congrats” banner is a simple piece to DIY for your decorations.

2. If you’re into a more vintage vibe, you’ll love this shabby chic DIY photo wall.

3. Make sure to announce your graduation to family and friends, so they know there’s a party coming.

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4. To light up your party, decorate your candles with the year of your graduation.

5. What party would be complete without gold balloons with tassels?

6. How adorable are graduation cap cookies? Best part is they’re super-simple to create with a cookie cutter.

7. Use dishes in the shape of your graduation year for the perfect decoration that doubles as a dessert.

8. Get custom sunglasses made as party favors for your guests.

9. Have your guests leave a note for you to read once the party is over.

10. Save some cash and create your own photo booth for your guests to enjoy and remember for years to come!

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11. Serve refreshments in mason jars with adorable little grad flags as straws.

12. Lead your guests to the party with paper plate decorations.

13. Throw an Instagram-themed grad party complete with it’s own hashtag for guests use.

14. If your party will be at night, light up the party with mason jar candles.

15. Fill your ceiling with balloons with photos of you and your guests hanging from them.

16. Make sure to have your guests sign their name and leave a memory or wish for you.

17. Embarrassing or not, post all your school photos for your guests to “ooh” and “aww” over.

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18. Build a cute, party-themed taco bar. Because… tacos.

20. Bring your guests back to their childhood with a DIY candy bar for them to snack on.

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20 Stylish Graduation Party Ideas From Pinterest | @stylecaster

20 Stylish Graduation Party Ideas From Pinterest | @stylecaster

A version of this article was originally published in April 2015.

20 Stylish Graduation Party Ideas From Pinterest 20 Stylish Graduation Party Ideas From Pinterest