50 Great Graduation Gifts Under $50

Maggie Griswold
50 Great Graduation Gifts Under $50
Photo: Birkenstock/Clare V./Urban Outfitters. ART: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Graduation for the class of 2020 looks a little different this year. While typically, students and their loved ones would be attending graduation ceremonies and parties, most of us are under stay at home orders with schools closed for the rest of the academic year. Now more than ever is the time to show your favorite graduate you love them—which is why we rounded up 50 graduation gift ideas for 2020 under $50. No matter your budget, there’s a little something you can send to a grad who’s likely feeling bummed about missing their graduation. By treating these unprecedented times with a little bit of normalcy—like sending someone a gift!—we can help alleviate some of the disappointment these graduates might feel.

Since 2020 is truly a strange year so far, it’s the perfect opportunity to really dig into your gift-giving skills and send something that any graduate would love to receive. We’ve done most of the work for you and found 50 great graduation gifts under $50 you can ship off to a loved one—whether they’re two miles away or 2,000. There are so many cute, easy and affordable little gifts just waiting to be sent to someone who will appreciate the thought. Remind your graduates that just because you can’t be there to give them a hug doesn’t mean you’re not thinking of them.

Whether your favorite graduate is a fan of music, books, tech or beauty, there’s a gift under $50 that’s perfect for them. You can shop all of these gifts online, too, so you have the option to ship it to a grad directly or send it to yourself and ship it in your own box with a card. However you choose to treat these graduates, you’re sure to make their day a little brighter.


1. Woven Waffle Throw Blanket

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | neon blanket


It’s just a fact that you can never have too many throw blankets. Gift this neon woven throw to a graduate that always loves to snuggle up in a cozy blanket.


2. Goddess Ceramic Tray

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | goddess ceramic tray

Shopbop Home.

A chic little tray can be used for so many things. From holding jewelry to serving a few cookies to guests, the possibilities with this ceramic tray are endless. Plus, it’s just cute AF.


3. Recipe Box

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | recipe box

Rifle Paper Co.

Know a graduate who loves to cook? Send them this adorable recipe box to store all their favorite recipes. It even comes with blank recipe cards so they can write down future recipes.


4. Ice Roller

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | ice roller


This cute ice roller is the perfect gift for a grad who’s always looking for a new skincare product to try. The stainless steel stays cold longer, so they’ll get more use out of this than a typical facial roller.


5. Coco Rose Trio

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | coco rose trio

Herbivore Botanicals.

This trio of skincare products from Herbivore Botanicals is the perfect way to give your favorite graduate the triple threat. The kit comes with coconut oil body polish, hydrating face mist and lip conditioner.


6. V&A Planter Pots

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | planter set

V and A.

If your favorite grad has a green thumb, this set of three planter pots is the ideal gift. Bonus points if you fill them with little succulents, too.


7. Slip Silk Eye Mask

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | silk eye mask


For a little bit of a luxurious gift, you can’t go wrong with this silk eye mask. It’s perfect for those who have trouble sleeping when there’s light around them.


8. Shag Pillow

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | shag pilow


This cute ivory shag pillow would spruce up any couch, chair or bed. It’s the perfect neutral decor gift if you don’t know someone’s personal decor style—especially if they’re moving out post-grade and want to decorate their new space.


9. Makeup Organizer

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | makeup holder


This chic little makeup organizer is perfect for any graduate who’s obsessed with all things beauty. They can store brushes, tools or actual makeup in this organizer, and it’ll look amazing in any room.


10. Agate Coasters

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | agate coasters

Shiraleah Home.

Sure, coasters might seem like a gift that isn’t too exciting, but when they’re as cute as these agate coasters, that changes things. Keep water stains off of furniture never looked so chic.


11. White Grid Umbrella

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | umbrella

Shopbop Home.

Your favorite grad moving somewhere where it rains constantly? Gift them a cute umbrella they’re sure to use over and over again. This minimalist umbrella from Shopbop is the perfect option for any style. It might seem overly practical, but I guarantee you’ll win for most frequently-used gift.


12.Kodak Powerflash Disposable Cameras

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | disposable cameras


Challenge a graduate to spend an afternoon in the backyard doing a graduation photoshoot with these disposable cameras. They can send the film off to get developed and have some fun memories on which to look back.


13. Gray Malin Beach Candle

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | gray malin beach candle

Gray Malin.

This Gray Malin beach candle doubles as a gorgeous piece of art from the iconic photographer. Once the candle burns down, the vessel can be turned into a pencil holder or planter!


14. Woke Up Like This Mug

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | pink mug

Yes Studio.

Sometimes you really just need a cup of coffee before you can function. This cute pink mug is the perfect gift for any caffeine-loving grad.


15. Zelda Frame

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | pink frame


This frame can hold a photo of you and your favorite graduate or a photo from their favorite days in school. Either way, it’s chic enough to be the perfect graduation gift.


16. Banana Neon Light

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | neon banana light


For any kitschy graduate, this neon banana light is a fun and quirky gift. Neon signs are having a major moment, so go ahead and lean into the trend.


17. Don’t Look At Me! Party Game

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | dont look at me game

Urban Outfitters.

This Don’t Look At Me! party game is such fun gift for anyone—graduate or otherwise. You and your friends use one another’s camera rolls and add captions to them from the game. Plus, it’s an easy game to play with loved ones during social distancing.


18. Mini Spiral Notebook

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | floral notebook


For all those graduates who are constantly writing things down, taking notes or penning poems, a cute notebook is a sweet and thoughtful gift. This floral spiral notebook is the perfect size to fit into any bag, too.


19. Beach Speaker Cooler

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | speaker cooler


Frankly, I’m obsessed with this beach speaker cooler. You can keep drinks cold and blast your favorite tunes. It’s a win/win situation—plus the palm pattern is too cute.


20. Sip Sip Tumbler

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | pink tumbler


How can anyone have a bad day when you’re carrying around a tumbler that literally says “no bad days?” This cute reusable to-go cup can be used at home or in lieu of disposable cups at coffee shops.


21.Bamboo Melamine Bento Box

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | bento box

Clare V for Anthropologie.

Whether this bento box is used for snacks or packing lunch for work, it’s sure to get lots of use from your favorite grade. They can even use it to hold pencils or school supplies if there’s no need to pack a meal.


22. Mental Health Journal

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | wellness journal


No matter what stage of life you’re in, mental health should be a priority. This cute mental health journal is a fun way to keep your thoughts in check.


23. Airpods Case

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | airpods case


This aesthetically-pleasing AirPods case is a super cute way for your favorite grad to store their AirPods when they’re not using them. Plus, it has a little jump ring so it can be stored on a belt loop or backpack.


24. Gym Bag

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | gym bag


A gym bag that tells it like it is is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to hit the gym—or works out for pizza. Either way, this bag is a fun gift option anyone would love.


25. Birkenstock Arizona Slide Sandal

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | birkenstock arizona slide sandal


Birkenstocks used to be considered “granola,” but they’ve recently become trendy for everyone—even if you don’t like to hang out in nature. The sandal in a black hue is a perfect neutral option that goes with anything, too.


26. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | little women book

Rifle Paper Co.

If you know someone who loved the 2020 film adaptation of the book, this hardcover version of Little Women with a cover designed by Rifle Paper Co. is an ideal gift. Not only is it a great read, but it’s also a work of art.


27. Monogram Journal

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | monogram journal

Clare V. for Anthropologie.

A journal is always a great gift idea, but it’s even better when that journal is monogrammed with your favorite graduate’s initials. These journals from Clare V. for Anthropologie are such a sleek and cute version.


28. Unicorn Pool Float

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | unicorn float


Big pool floats are in, baby. Treat your favorite graduate to this cool AF unicorn pool float they can use all summer long with their friends.


29. Link Drop Earrings

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | yellow earrings

New York & Company.

Treat your favorite grad to these adorable New York & Company drop earrings. Not only are they sure to go with any summer ensemble, but golden yellow is trending for spring/summer 2020.


30. Makeup Bag

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | makeup bag

Roller Rabbit.

A cute makeup bag is never a bad gift idea. This pink and red bag is perfect for holding makeup, brushes or even art supplies, depending on the person.

31. Fleece Slippers

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | slippers


Fuzzy and fun, these pink fleece slippers are sure to keep anyone’s feel cozy. This type of slide slipper is majorly trending right now, too!


32. Growing Art Print

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | print

grl. and co.

This art print not only has a super sweet sentiment for anyone going through a big change in their lives, but it’s also just adorable.


33. The Happy Planner

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | happy planner

The Happy Planner

Help your favorite graduate keep up with dates, work schedules, assignments and more with this cute planner. Staying organized never looked so good.


34. Pink Peony Coconut Candle

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | candle


This candle is as cute as it is perfect for making any apartment, dorm or bedroom smell amazing. When a candle doubles as a piece of decor, you know it’s a good gift.


35. Ring Holder

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | ring holder

Honeycomb Studio.

Let your fave graduate show off their favorite rings on this handmade ring holder. The white and gold hues make it perfect for any decor style.


36. Stainless Steel Straw Set

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | stainless steel straws

Klean Kanteen.

Being kind to the planet doesn’t have to be boring. Gift these cute stainless steel straws to someone who’s trying to better their world.


37. Coconut Milk Bath Bomb

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | bath bomb

Old Whaling Company.

Self care is one of the best gifts we can give. Try sending this coconut milk bath bomb to someone who might need some extra relaxation these days.


38. Babylonia Phone Case

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | phone case


OK, this abstract phone case is honestly just too cute to pass up. It’s perfectly artsy and protective enough for any phone.


39. Andy Dwyer Quote Print

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | andy dwyer quote


Your favorite graduate might not have any idea what they’re doing, but odds are they’re doing it well. Inspire them with these words from Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec.


40. Blue Top Handle Bag


STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | blue bag

Studio 33.

Mini bags are a major trend right now, and this blue top handle purse is the perfect way to try it out. Plus, the chain strap is too, too cute.


41. Chambray Hand Cream

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | hand cream


Give the gift of soft hands that also smell amazing. Madewell has their own line of beauty products, and this hand cream is definitely worth checking out.


42. Jumbo Claw Hair Clips

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | chunkys hair clips


Hair accessories are having a comeback as of late, and these funky claw hair clips are a fun way to let someone try out the trend this summer.


43. Gold Dust Sunglasses

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | sunglasses


If your favorite graduate shines bright, gift them with these super chic sunnies. The classic black is a great color choice, considering it goes with any outfit.


44. Reusable Canvas Tote

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | tote bag

grl and co.

This reusable canvas tote is perfect for carrying books, groceries or even used as a purse. Plus, who can deny that the design is ridiculously cute.


45. Koala Head Planter

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | koala planter

The Yarn Kitchen.

If you want to gift something a little unique to someone with a green thumb, this koala plant holder is a cute option.


46. Be Kind Phone Case

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | be kind phone case


It really isn’t hard to be kind—and you can remind your loved one with this super cute phone case. It gives me total Harry Styles vibes, too.


47. Hulu Subcription

Little Fires Everywhere

Image: Hulu.

Let your loved one watch all their favorites with a Hulu subscription. From Little Fires Everywhere to Dollface, there are so many amazing shows and movies they can stream.


48. Nostalgia Eu De Parfum

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | rose perfume


Help someone pick out their next signature scent and gift them with a new perfume to try this summer. This Nostalgia perfume comes in several different scents from which to choose.


49. Tarot Cards

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | tarot cards


Tarot cards are a fun hobby to try while stuck at home. Alleviate some of your favorite graduate’s boredom and send them some tarot cards to learn how to read.


50. Bad Ass Congratulations Card

STYLECASTER | Graduation Gift Ideas 2020 | bad ass card


Of course, what’s a gift guide without the perfect card? This sassy congratulations card is perfect for sending to your favorite graduate this year.


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