Stop the Presses: Grace Coddington Has Joined Instagram

Meghan Blalock

Stop what you’re doing! Grace Coddington, the creative director of Vogue who had basically made an entire persona out of dismissing all forms of modern technology (she first became a household name when she refused to be filmed for “The September Issue,” then conceded, and became the star of the film) has joined Instagram. Behold:

In typical Grace style, the first (and only, so far) photo she posted actually isn’t a photo at all; it’s one of her trademark illustrations, and this one is extra-special because it’s a self-portrait. Grace lounges naked on a beach chair, wearing nothing but a pair of slinky ankle strap stilettos and a set of fabulous cat-eye sunglasses.

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The portrait is actually part of an ongoing gallery of nudes Grace is curating for Paddle8, an art auction web site. “Every picture starts off naked. The model is naked, the hair is undone, the set is naked—and this is the starting point of the creative process,” Grace says. Indeed, her first Instagram post seems quite appropriate.

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