GQ’s Sexiest Women List Includes Some Pretty Offensive Categories

Spencer Cain

 GQs Sexiest Women List Includes Some Pretty Offensive Categories

GQ magazine has proven to be one of the most consistent publications out there when it comes to content—both in the realm of fashion and real-world news—but the latest issue has us pretty perplexed. Last week, it was announced that Beyoncé would cover GQ’s “100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century” issue (rightfully so!), and today it hit newsstands.

Upon browsing the ladies who made the list (which includes some usual suspects like Jennifer Aniston—deemed the “second hottest woman of every year”—and Megan Fox), you’ll see some rather jarring categories, including:

  • “This Year’s Hot Pregnant Sri Lankan Chick,” an honor that went to M.I.A.
  • “This Year’s Hot Chinese Chick,” which was given to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” star Zhang Ziyi.
  • “This Year’s Hot Italian Chick,” which went to Monica Belluci.
  • “This Year’s Hot Indian Chick,” given to Freida Pinto.

We’re pretty surprised the powers that be at Conde Nast let those categories fly (made potentially worse with the use of “chick” following each ethnic definition). Whether the magazine meant it or not, they’ve effectively made the “gentlemen” at GQ seem less like gentlemen and more like stereotypes of insensitive dudes—territory the publication rarely enters. It also qualifies the magazine for a colossal “what were they thinking?!” award, if awards like that were given out.

The other categories on the list tend to be overtly sexual and dude-like, including “Best Nude Scene: Girl-on-Girl Category” and “Evolution of the Porn Star,” which—even if they’re not your cup of tea—don’t really have the power to offend entire ethnic groups.

Granted, some of the commentary in the issue is witty and fairly accurate (we won’t reprint Kim Kardashian‘s description—you can read it yourself) but something tells us people aren’t going to be happy about these potentially demeaning categorizations.

Check out the full list here, and let us know if it was all in good fun, or if they went too far.