Gossip Girl Watch: Sherri Saum to Join Cast as a Trophy Wife Character


The writers of Gossip Girl must have a bad habit of fixing what isn’t broken. First they bring on Hilary Duff as a recurring character, then give Tyra a bizarre and unnecessary cameo, and NOW this: Sherri Saum of HBO’s In Treatment and FX’s Rescue Me will join the cast and is rumored to cause yet another rift between Lily and Rufus.

Saum will play Holland Mercer, an ex business executive-turned-Stepford Wife. Rufus will continue to play the hippie-dad who pretends he hates his fancy new apartment, and Lily will be simultaneously flakey and uptight. The newlyweds have had so many ups and downs that they should probably give up, accepting their romance is just an LSD flashback to their rock and roll past. However, Gossip Girl wouldn’t be Gossip Girl without drama, so we accept Holland with tentatively outstretched arms.