Gossip Girl at Miss Sixty!


I’m not gonna lie: by the time the 9 pm shows roll around, I am contemplating a number of things, none of which have anything to do with clothes and/or accessories. Among said things are: a big juicy hamburger, never eating food again, a trip to McDonald’s, a stiff vodka martini (or five), a plane to a nudist colony, and a career change. Believe me, after 14 straight hours of shows and aching feet, that ice-cream-scooper job you gave up back in high school starts to look mighty good.

Last night was no exception. And so, it was in a state of slight delirium that I entered the Tents for Miss Sixty’s Spring 2009 runway show last night at 9. As I took my seat next to Ari Goldberg (StyleCaster’s CEO), it was all I could do to contain an annoying litany of whiny complaints. That is, until I noticed that a certain blonde actress was taking a seat across the runway from me. Yes, it was Blake Lively of Serena Van der Woodsen fame. And yes, I am more than a little obsessed with Gossip Girl (and not ashamed to admit it….most of the time).

The telegenic Lively looked lovely in dark forest green Miss Sixty jumpsuit and a tangle of oversized gems at her neck. Also front row at the show: Becki Newton, Rosario Dawson, Monet Mazur, and Bijou Phillips.

Hey, at the very least, my real-life Gossip Girl sighting made me feel a little better about the fact that I was most definitely going to be missing tonight’s episode in lieu of my fashion week duties.