‘Gossip Girl’ Bad Boy Ed Westwick Channels Ryan Gosling

Spencer Cain

And they say chivalry is dead! A couple months ago, Ryan Gosling made every person in America’s heart melt when he broke up a fight in New York’s Astor Place (and looked really hot while doing so). Now, Gossip Girl‘s resident bad boy Ed Westwick has stepped up to the plate.

According to Page Six, there was a little situation at the Barrow Street Alehouse in New York’s West Village a few nights ago, wherein a patron decided to knock off every drink on the bar after the bartender refused to serve him a Guinness. Sure, this is a frustrating situation, but when you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough. Anyway, Ed “lifted him up by the collar and dragged him out,” preventing further nonsense.

Considering Ed’s reputation for being a bit of a boozehound himself, I must say I’m impressed with how he handled this. Instead of getting into a fight with the guy, he calmly returned to his friends as if nothing happened. I think we can all agree that we need more gents like this in the world…or maybe just more Guinness.