Gosselin + Audigier = Best Bros Forever


Celebrity parents worldwide, you can now relax…there’s no pressure for you to turn out screwed-up, drug-addled, and sex-addicted children anymore! The Gosselins have got you covered!

For those of you who can stomach the dysfunctional downward spiral that has become Jon and Kate Plus 8, perhaps grab a barf bag and pop a Zantac because it just got trashier. Having been seen out and about sporting blingtastic diamond studs and a plethora of Ed Hardy tees, the top-notch dad Jon Gosselin caught the tasteful eye of Christian Audigier (who basically clothed the entire cast of Rock of Love). The two men apparently hit it off in St. Tropez and are now in the early stages of designing a line of childrenswear. Because every child’s dream is to look like Bret Michael.

Cash in while you can, Gosselin. You’re going to need a few extra bucks to support eight kids in rehab. I don’t think Promises offers a group discount.

Meanwhile, Kate Gosselin is super busy wearing bikinis outside and praying that Aaden, Collin and Joel don’t develop a love for graphic tees.