Gorilla in the Kitchen


It’s not an elephant in the living room, but GORILLA INTHEKITCHEN is certainly not to be ignored.

A popular compound for the stylish set in Seoul, South Korea, this “wellness center” encompasses a café, restaurant, fitness and nutrition center in the heart of the trendy Sinsa-dong area.

The gorgeous, sleek design of the place (all white surfaces and reflective chrome) oozes urban sophistication, and provides a minimalist setting in which you can prepare yourself for either a full-body tune up or tasty vittles.

Gorilla is proud of its menu, which boasts, “No cream, no butter, no deep fry, no worries,” and the menu selections come in one of two sizes (“human” or ”gorilla”) and are geared specifically to help you gain muscle mass, lose weight, or maintain cardiovascular heath.

The Checkup Room staff will check your metabolic rate, cholesterol, and blood sugar in addition to consulting with you about a personalized diet.

The company’s delicious, healthful food comes from a kitchen operated by Smart Kitchen (motto: “Smart choices for a smart life”), a company that has additional outposts in Seoul’s Lotte department store Tea Loft, and in Japan.

Health is on the brain of many people. Just today in the New York Times was a feature on the resurgence in popularity of calorie counting and how a NY state law that requires chains with more than 15 outlets to post calorie information has produced an effect on the mindset of consumers.

It seems calorie counting, or just being more cognizant of what you put into your body is becoming fashionable across the globe.

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