Google Wave Video: An Introduction.


Google Wave is Google’s newest attempt at reinventing online communication. It is a collaboration and conversation between participants that takes place in real time. (Sort of like AIM or BBM or, say, talking.)

Today, Google invited 100,000 lucky users to test its newest product; it has been available to developers since May.

Google Wave is a combination of email, instant messaging, social networking, and wiki. Its collaborative functions aim to change the way people communicate both personally and professionally. Students working on group projects, co-workers preparing a presentation together, and friends planning a vacation can all benefit equally from Google’s new experiment.

“Waves” are equal parts electronic conversation and document. They are almost immediate, and any contributor can edit any part of them. Users can embed photos and videos into waves and allow fellow contributors to edit them. Messages are visible to all users as they are being typed, and any users are notified of any edits made during the conversation.

Extensions for Wave are available, allowing users to add features such as spell-check, translations, and games. It is open-source, which allows the public to write their owns scripts to add features, or extensions.

Google Wave’s product managers, Stephanie Hannon and Greg L. DesElms said, “Wave is email if email had been invented today.”

We’re still waiting for our invitations. If you have 80 minutes to spare, which we don’t, check out the informational video here.

Are you ready to Wave into the future?

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