Did You Know You Can Track Any Flight on Google? Here’s How

Meghan Blalock

Now that the holiday travel season is in full swing, we have a very important public service announcement to make: Google has its very own built-in flight tracker that can make your life much, much easier during this time of year. Whether you’re waiting at the airport for your next flight, or just keeping an eye out for loved ones who are crossing the skies, it’s a super helpful tool.

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Here’s how it works: simply head to Google.com and type in the airline and flight number in the search bar. When you hit “enter,” the following will pop up.

google flight tracker

The little green airplane moves from left to right depending on where the flight is along its path. It also tells you when the flight departed its origin, and when it’s expected to land. That way, you can see if it’s ahead or (more likely, let’s be honest) behind schedule.

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It may not be the most exciting holiday news ever, but this is something that can be incredibly useful. Anything to make the holiday travel season that much more tolerable. Safe travels!