Farewell, Ferragamo! Katie Holmes Wants Suri’s Wardrobe to be “Normal”

Spencer Cain

For years, Suri Cruise has been the most stylish celebrity child by a landslide. While Harper Beckham may be schlepped through Heathrow wearing Chloe tights, Suri was regularly spotted with a petite Miss Sicily handbag from Dolce & Gabbana, and of course her trademark Ferragamo (to match mommy’s). However, those labels are all about to change.

Fresh from her divorce from Tom Cruise (who is apparently known for spoiling his children rotten), Katie Holmes wants to scale back Suri’s estimated $3 million closet now that she’s being assimilated into regular society and won’t just be jet-setting with her famous parents. A source told UK mag Female First that “all that inappropriate dress up and make-up was down to Tom and Katie’s key word now when it comes to Suri is ‘normal.’ Tom loved to spoil Suri and indulge her, but Katie has other ideas.”

As much as we’re a little bit devastated that Suri won’t be traipsing around in kitten heels and bold red lips anymore (we’re especially interested to hear what Suri’s Burn Book thinks of all of this), it’s probably for the best. Plus: This doesn’t necessarily mean that Suri will be shopping the sale rack at Gap Kids, per se. She may just have to wait a couple of years before venturing into Bergdorf Goodman.