Good News Brides… Loeffler Randall Is Hooking You Up!

Good News Brides… Loeffler Randall Is Hooking You Up!
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Was it only my high school that required its graduates to don head to toe white (boys’ tuxes included) like some mass underage cult wedding? Most girls ended up buying a wedding dress and offensively tacky white shoes out of desperation as pretty white shoes are some allusive mythical creature.

Well for any brides or high school seniors with an absurd graduation attire policy, good news! Today Loeffler Randall is debuting its highly anticipated bridal collection online. Distinguishing these heels and flats from more traditional white satin bridal shoes are the vintage bridal booties, metallic snakeskin textures and nude flat sandals.

Scroll through the images above for Loeffler Randall’s new collection. Regardless of whether or not you’re putting a ring on it, the shoes are even great for wedding guests!