Golden Globes Fashion Recap: The Best and Worst Dressed

Liz Doupnik
Golden Globes Fashion Recap: The Best and Worst Dressed
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Last night’s Golden Globes revealed some of the best (and worst) trends seen recently on and off the runway. We were really feeling some of it; from winter whites and 1990’s inspired minimalism to squared-shoulder sleeves, it really seems like — for the most part — the celebs have been paying attention to what looks good on them and not the 6ft tall glamazons that strut their stuff on the catwalk.

We love risk-takers who dare to take a chance on a young designer or a whole lot of sequins. But, as much as there were some major wins and we’re not talking about an actual award there were a lot of fails. (Hey, we can’t all walk away winners, right?)

Click through our slideshow to see the best and the worst of last night’s Golden Globes’ red carpet.

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Love: Nicole Richie's silver bias-cut dress. We love the simple cut paired with that insane beaded fabric.

Love: We really dig Julianne Moore's black tiered-fishtail dress. It accentuates all the right areas, if you catch our drift...hubba hubba!

Dislike: Alright, so we usually really feel Zooey Deschanel's outfits. Her little 1960s revivals are typically adorable. But... really?! Not only is the green pretty terrible and reminds us of day old split pea soup, the hair and sideburns (as my dude roommate referred to them as) were beyond distracting from her beautiful face.

Love: Although her choice in hair color was questionable to some, we flipped for the blue gown Kelly Osbourne sported. Those sleeves really got our heart rate up.

Dislike: Alright, if this dress had just one of the elements, it would still not be our favorite, but the gloves? Really, Madonna? Those should have been left in the 1980s when you first started wearing them.

Love: We really respect a woman who knows how to dress her body type. Jane Lynch is on the top of our list. The halter dress hugs her beautifully and the deep navy is unbelievable with her short blond hair.

Love: This little lady just seems to make all the right moves. Rooney Mara's insane fish-tail side-paneled dress is beyond. We kind of want to rip it off her back.

Love: We have dreams of looking as good as Charlize Theron in her powder pink gown. The side cascading ruffled slit is breathtaking. Don't you think?

Love: This tiny little mama was heartbreaking in her acceptance speech. This dress just upped the ante even more as Michelle Williams stole our hearts once again.

Love: Mila Kunis went with black this time and killed it.

Love: This unexpected color for a winter award show was a delicious surprise. Jessica Alba, you really do have it all, don't you?

Dislike: Alright, Sarah Michelle Gellar, next time, don't let your little one pick out the dress. OK? Thanks.

Dislike: Oh Nicole Kidman, we love you so much, but why'd you have to wear something that looks more like a diffusion line than couture?

Love: Elle MacPherson reminds us a bit of Brigitte Bardot for some reason. We can't put our finger on it, but we really like it.

Dislike: Is it a peacock? Is it a lizard? We can't tell. Sorry Evan Rachel Wood, we just can't get into it or OVER it.

Love: Angelina Jolie looks more major than usual. Who knew that was possible?

Dislike: Come on Jessica Biel, don't you know most women would kill to have your body? Why are you hiding it in that frumpy number? We love the idea, but the execution? Not so much.

Love: This is the perfect fusion of masculine-meets-feminine, if you ask us. And the color? Divine. Way to go Tilda! We love how she stuck to her androgynous look but dressed it up a bit for the event.

Love: We think every dress should make us feel as good as Piper Perabo seems to feel is in this dress. How cute is she?!

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