Golden Globes Make-Out! Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler Get Cozy


This past Sunday night at the Golden Globe Awards, movie stars and celebrities were rubbing elbows on the red carpet. The star-studded event gave big-name actors a chance to chat, catch up…and get cozy together? This was reportedly the case with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler who presented an award together for Best Screenplay, but didn’t look like more than your typical award presenters to the average onlooker. After the award show ended, however, the two got pretty romantic with one another. According to Page Six, there was a lot of canoodling going on backstage between the recent costars.

“After they presented, they were drinking Moet together backstage. At one point, they were making out in the kitchen. They were attached at the hip all night…Producers for the show were actually laughing about it over their walkie-talkies,” said an anonymous source to Page Six.

Reps for Aniston and Butler couldn’t be reached, so the relationship cannot officially be confirmed, but the two already have a history of romance together. They dated during the filming of The Bounty Hunter last summer, so it’s very possible that the actors could be back on to give it a second chance.

Surprisingly, the duo didn’t seem to be trying to hide their burgeoning romance; Aniston and Butler were posing together for photographers before and after the award show. By the looks of the pictures, they are quite the good looking pair!

Butler may have given nasty relationship advice while starring in The Ugly Truth, but let’s hope that he treats his women better in his real-life relationships. As for Aniston, the actress has been navigating the dating scene lately, with reports of romances with both John Mayer and Vince Vaughn. Could a second shot at an old romance help seal the deal between the two? Do you think Jen has finally found her man in Gerard?

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