A Look Back: StyleCaster’s Original Shoot With Kate Bosworth

A Look Back: StyleCaster’s Original Shoot With Kate Bosworth
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This week, we’re celebrating StyleCaster’s fifth anniversary with a look back at some of our most memorable pieces. From original editorials and celebrity shoots to staffers’ musings on what makes our company so special, it’s time to commemorate the fun-filled (and at times crazy) journey we’ve gone on to get here. Read on for some of our favorite content, and join in on the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #SC5thBDay!

Kate Bosworth is likely best known for her break-out role in cult favorite “Blue Crush and her role in 2011’s “Straw Dogs,” but the actress has also emerged as something of a fashion star in recent years, appearing on countless best-dressed lists, gracing the cover of fashion’s favorite glossies, and always in stylish outfits, whether at Coachella or on the red carpet.

Bosworth relies on designers such as Isabael Marant, Vanessa Bruno and Proenza Schouler to shape her personal style, and the Princeton-accepted smarty also uses her natural-born fashion intuition to help her shape the latest collections for JewelMint, the price-conscious line of jewelry she designs alongside stylist and friend Cher Coulter. Read on to get to know fashion’s golden girl a little better.

You’re often lauded for your personal style. What do you think of that?
My grandfather and father both worked in retail. So I feel like I’ve always been around fabrics and textures. From a very young age that was a part of my life . . . it feels like a natural fit to be interested in the fashion industry. My father really taught me what quality meant and the importance of it.

How would you describe your style? And what are some of your go-to designers?
I would describe my style mostly as more minimalistic, but I do like to experiment. I tend to be more classic, but really enjoy mixing it up with different trends. I very much like Isabel Marant and Vanessa Bruno, two female French designers that are really great. I love Proenza Schouler, I like what Guillaume Henry of Carven is doing right now.

You’re often photographed at music festivals—are you actually into music?
I love music. I feel like music can give you an emotional experience even more so than film. So, I often start with music before I take on a role. I’ll really start to listen to different artists in order to start understanding the character to get myself in character.

What are you listening to these days?
At the moment I’m listening to a lot of Neko Case, I think she’s great, really brilliant and talented. I’m listening to Broken Social Scene. I love The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Neil Young and Bob Dylan. I like Warpaint and The National, I love The National. They’re one of my favorite bands, they’re just amazing, and they’re going to score a film that I was just in. So, I’m really excited and hope to meet them.

You work on JewelMint with your stylist Cher Coulter. Why do you think the client-stylist relationship often becomes so close?
Well, Cher and I were friends before we started to work together. Our work relationship is such an organic natural progression. I met her when I was about 19, so almost 10 years ago, and she had just moved from London to L.A., we immediately got along and were super close.

A couple of years passed and I remember saying to her we should work together, because she was already always over at my house talking about what to wear, like best friends do. So, to have the JewelMint partnership is really wonderful and I’m 100% confident that the line reflects who she and I are.

Tell me a little more about JewelMint. What made you want to design jewelry?
Cher and I sat around and thought, “Gosh, I don’t really wear much everyday jewelry, why is that?” And then we realized it’s because the price point for innovative jewelry really starts at about $400, if you go to the price point of $30 for jewelry it’s just watered down, not very inspired pieces. So, we thought if we could take that price point and make pieces that look vintage or things that we would want to wear, we would really have something.

Describe your favorite outfit from today’s StyleCaster shoot.
I really loved today’s shoot. The way that we always approach a shoot, Cher will call me and say, “Oh, I was thinking about this as an inspiration…” For example, the blue hair came about because we really loved the pink hair from Givenchy, and we were both really attracted to that ombre color look. We decided to pay homage to that slight grungey look,

The Costume National yellow suit was a juxtaposition of this bold color and grungy hair, and buttoned up shirt with a conservative feel that was really interesting to have as a contrast. I really felt inspired when I saw the clothes, and kind of got into character. When I see what she’s putting together, it’s helpful for me to take a photo because it makes me feel like I’m assuming a role in a way. So, it was a really great day, it was fun.

Your latest movie, Straw Dogs, looks terrifying, can you tell us what it was like to make it?
 I hadn’t seen the original Peckinpah make of Straw Dogs from the 70’s when I was sent the script. I read the script first just to see, I always feel like if a film is going to stand alone it’s going to begin with the words on the page. It’s a thriller, but it’s also a character drama — and the tension between the characters is really unnerving and it kind of escalates to this boiling point.

I watched the original, and I was quite nervous to be honest because the character is a pretty challenging undertaking. I loved working with the people I worked with, the director Rob Lurdie is really talented. That being said it was really exhausting, because emotionally it’s an intense movie, so you just get into that rhythm and it’s tough when you’re having to live in a certain emotional state of tension for a sustained amount of time.

My hope is people will leave the theater and go to dinner afterward and really talk about it, I hope it’s something that will be thought-provoking for people.

Photographer: David Mushegain, Creative Exchange Agency
Photographer’s Assistant: Todd Stone
Stylist: Cher Coulter, Starworks Artists
Stylist’s Assistant: Rachel Wirkus
Creative Director and Writer: Emily Finkbinder
Hair: Luke Chamberlain, Starworks Artists
Makeup: Kate Lee, Starworks Artists
Original Publication Date: August 31, 2011

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Celine sweater, $1,350, at Bergdorf Goodman; Yigal Azrouël shirt, $455, at Yigal Azrouël

Missoni shirt, $1,230, and pants, $2,315, at Missoni boutiques; JewelMint Mystic Secrets necklace and Desert Rose necklace (worn as belt), $29.99 each, at JewelMint

Yigal Azrouël shirt, $455, at Yigal Azrouël; Isabel Marant fringe pants, $2,360, and boots, $1,630, Isabel Marant New York; JewelMint Hayden necklace, Jasper Plume feather necklace, Payal Belle bracelets, and Yves Trio rings, $29.99 each, at JewelMint

Isabel Marant shirt, $645, at Isabel Marant New York; Derek Lam pants, $1, 090, at Derek Lam New York; JewelMint Lost City necklace, Silver Zip bracelets, From The Heart rings, Neo Bed Rock Duo silver ring, Borgia ring, and Ludlow Trio silver and gunmetal rings, $29.99, at JewelMint

Current/Elliott tank, $88, at Revolve Clothing; Yigal Azrouël pants, $495, at Yigal Azrouël; Pierre Hardy sneakers, price upon request, at Pierre Hardy; JewelMint Cavalier Crest pendant necklace, Lost City necklace, Silver Zip bracelet, Black Swan cuff, Gatsby bracelet, and Payal Belle bracelet, $29.99 each, at JewelMint

Left: Costume National suit, price upon request, at Costume National;  Yigal Azrouël shirt, $455, at Yigal Azrouël; JewelMint Paramour necklace and bracelet (worn crossbody), $29.99 each, at JewelMint; JewelMint Paramour bracelet (worn as rings) and Forget Me Knot Trio rings, $29.99 each, at JewelMint

Right: Missoni shirt, $1,230, and pants, $2,315, at Missoni boutiques; JewelMint Mystic Secrets necklace, $29.99, at JewelMint; Converse sneakers, customized with JewelMint jewelry

Dolce & Gabbana sequined jacket, $2,775, at select Dolce & Gabbana boutiques; JewelMint Ever Frost ring and New Wave ring, $29.99 each, at JewelMint

Costume National suit, price upon request, at Costume National; Dolce & Gabbana sequined flats, $775, at select Dolce & Gabbana boutiques; Yigal Azrouël shirt, $455, at Yigal Azrouël; JewelMint Paramour necklace and bracelet (worn crossbody), $29.99 each, at JewelMint; JewelMint Paramour bracelet (worn as rings) and Forget Me Knot Trio rings, $29.99 each, atJewelMint

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