Go Inside Indie Designer Karen Walker’s New Zealand Home

Go Inside Indie Designer Karen Walker’s New Zealand Home
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If I had to name my top five guilty pleasures, peeking into other people’s apartments would definitely make the listbonus points if the place belongs to someone creative, like a designer or an artist. Luckily for people like me, there are plenty of websites that allow us to spy into some very interesting private spaces in the least creepy way possible.

The latest feature on The Selby stars fashion designer Karen Walkerknown for her sweet, quirky ready-to-wear and eyewear lines, as well as for her unique ad campaigns and lookbooksand the home she shares with her husband Mikhail Gherman in Auckland, New Zealand. The bright colors, open spaces and eclectic mix of decor combine perfectly to create what I imagine to be the couple’s own private paradise (that pool!), and I can see why her collections always evoke such feelings of happiness.

Click through for our favorite shots, and visit The Selby to see the full set.