Go Go Gadget! The Best Techie-Chic Picks


It used to be that stylish gals were more about their five-inch stilettos than the latest iPhone app (such as our own!), but these days style and technology are as inseparable as Demi and Ashton. But lest we’re caught around town sporting that ratty BlackBerry cover, here are some stylish techie-chic picks to keep you connected.

Chloe Dao for Nuo Laptop Sleeve, $44.99 at store.nuo-tech.com (above)
The Project Runway Season 2 winner teamed up with Nuo Tech to create a line of accessories. This bright pattern says anything but Silicon Valley.

Juicy Couture Laptop Sleeve, $98 at Nordstrom.com

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Can’t get enough of Juicy? Or is it printed laptop sleeves for that matter? Protect your beloved Macbook with this fun dotted number for the mega brand. Velour tracksuit not included (thankfully).

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile iPhone Case, $385 at Net-a-porter.com
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Croc is a sure way to up the luxe factor and if we spend on a tote, than why not on an iPhone case? After all, it is the one thing we’re likely to carry everywhere with us. And if you’re thinking exotic skin then better to trust an expert line Nancy Gonzalez. Her lemon yellow croc iPhone case is just the thing to chase those overworked blues away.

Vintage Inspired Slide HD, $279.99 at the flip.com
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Image: Flip.com

Shoot up to four hours of video with this portable SlideHD. The upside? You can go with various designs and patterns like a vintage-inspired print (left) or customize your own like we did (right).

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera, $89.99 at polaroid.com
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Photo courtesy of Polaroid

Attention Polaroid fanatics, instant is back! Since snapping up Lady Gaga as their creative director, the collaboration is starting fresh with this newly revamped camera.

Hp Mini 210 Vivienne Tam Edition, starting from $599.99 at hp.com
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Photo courtesy of Hp

When this stylish notebook made its debut at Fashion Week, the fashion savvy welcomed the first digital clutch. With its collaboration with Sex & the City 2, this sophisticated laptop will be making a haute onscreen appearance as well.

Diane von Furstenberg Kiss My iPhone Cover, $20 at dvf.com
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Take a cue from a woman who’s seen some longevity in the fashion industry and adorn your iPhone with this stylish signature design.

Red Apple Hello Kittly Mimobot, $35 at momastore.org
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Photo courtesy of MoMA Store

Sometimes taking a break from serious fashion for something more light-hearted keeps things grounded. Fun, sweet and stylish, this Hello Kitty USB is functional too it holds up to 4GB of files.

Marc Jacobs Cassette USB Key
91516 1272909608 Go Go Gadget! The Best Techie Chic Picks
Here’s another memory holder contender. Cassettes may be long gone but if there was ever a designer who knows how to repurpose a trend, Marc Jacobs is the man for the job. The designer released a cheeky cassette rendition for a limited edition of USB keys in January of this year. They seemed to be snapped up as quickly as the news hit the Web (read: No pricing information = sold out).