Your Dream of a Personal Butler Is Here

Rachel Adler

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Every single person at some point in their life has whined that they need a personal assistant. I’ll admit: I may do it more than others. When I have a crazy day at the office and realize it’s 4 p.m. and I haven’t had time to eat lunch, that’s exactly when I just want to ring a bell—yes, I said it—and have my lunch appear, like we’ve seen in the movies.

I mean, where are our real-life Geoffrey Butlers?

Well, apparently, all our #firstworldproblem complaints prompted action. There is now a fully realized GoButler company to do our bidding. The on-demand concierage service provides a completely free personal assistant that you text message anytime you need something. Basically, it’s your best friend/servant. Not sure what to eat tonight? Ask your butler. Forgot to buy your mom a present? Ask your butler. Dog ate your huge presentation? Butler to the rescue.


The butlers (or, “heroes”) offer to do any of your bidding—as long as it’s legal. A rep for the company reports that there have been some strange things requested, such as poems written for loved ones (because writing poems is hard), birthday wishes sung to friends (we hope these butlers aren’t tone-deaf), and a life-size cutout of Diplo sent to … someone. Basically, ask and you shall receive.

And, as I mentioned, the service is completely free to use. GoButler makes money by receiving a commission from the suppliers it works with. Somehow someone heard all our whiny voices and really, really delivered.

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