Glitter Beards Are Officially Instagram’s Most Annoying Trend

In pressing pop culture news today, it seems glitter beards are officially the new cultural phenomenon taking over social media—and people can’t get enough.

The glitter beard trend is, well, exactly what it sounds like, and involves transforming the facial hair of hipsters and lumberjacks into sparkly, holiday-ready decorative objets. In fact, so taken is the world with the #glitterbeard right now that there are more than 3,000 posts on Instagram using the hashtag and an equally insane amount of buzz on Twitter. Not to mention the dozens of news outlets flipping out over the “trend.” What a time to be alive.

Having trouble visualizing the sparkly look? Here are a few examples from Instagram:

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C'mon #GlitterBeard. Happy Pride 2015!!! 🌈🎉

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Glittering // Verb: To Glitter 💁

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Aside from the obvious one (“why bother?”), we have so many questions about this. Like, first of all, how?!? Does the glitter fall out? How the hell do you get rid of the glitter? In case you’re feeling the same way, social media stars The Gay Beards put together a handy a demonstration that covers all the #glitterbeard basics. Then, keep scrolling to see more highlights from Instagram.




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