Through The Looking Glass: Fall’s Top Looks Feature Luxe Textures, Saturated Color

Liz Doupnik

This fall, we’re entering a tipsy-topsy world that resembles reality but with underlying quirks and novelties is an entire new world within itself. Well, it may feel that way thanks to our fall picks.

This  fall’s major trends conjure a world with an Alice in Wonderland quality — a slightly surreal realm where colors are saturated, textures are opulent, and the combinations are decidedly eccentric.

Branching out from his regular post as co-designer at Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein teams up with stylist Haley Loewenthal to bring these fantastical looks to life, balancing opulence and an understated masculine sensuality. Photographer Sonja Georgevich then captured the topsy-turvy world to perfection.

Want to create your own looking-glass style? Don’t err on the side of sublety: Approach accessories with panache, especially those of the pop persuasion. Channel your inner kitsch with mashed prints and patterns, which offer a counterpoint to polished hair and minimal makeup. Once you walk through our fall looking glass, you won’t be disappointed!

Photographer: Sonja Georgevich

Stylist: Haley Loewenthal

Producer: Liz Doupnik

Location: The Wooly Bar

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