The Glamourai on Street Style and Her Must-Have Piece for Spring

30 Days of Style The Glamourai

It’s safe to say that finally—finally!—spring is upon us, which means that freshening up our closets is a priority. While we’re not necessarily rushing out to buy an entirely new wardrobe, there’s nothing better than kicking off the season with a few new pieces—especially those that can be worn again and again, in a zillion cool and creative ways.

To show us (and you!) how it’s done, we recruited street style star and stylist Kelly Framel, a.k.a. The Glamourai, to style 30 amazing spring outfits using a “closet” she curated made up of 30 key pieces. You’ll see the results unfolding throughout the month of May in our 30 Days of Style feature, where we’ll be unveiling a brand new look to inspire you every single day this month!

Here, Framel offers her take on the street style phenomenon, and what piece—out of all 30 she selected for the feature—she chose to buy for herself.

StyleCaster: Over the past few years, there’s been a growing fascination with stylists and street style stars over, say, designers. Why do you think that’s happening? 

The Glamourai: I think fashion has been a little intimidating for a long time, that there was this assumption that it was only for industry insiders or the extremely wealthy. And I think, because of that, we as a society sort of stopped trying, thus the reign of  T-shirts and tracksuits! Suddenly however, with the advent of blogging, we’re seeing the rules of fashion being reshaped by everyday people, and I think they’re all taking that responsibility seriously. We’re seeing a return to people really dressing up and taking time and care with their appearance. I believe that’s a huge testament to the inspiration we’re all finding online, and the excitement around being part of that conversation.

Describe the magic of “the perfect outfit”—how do you know when you’ve made the right combination?

There’s no such thing as a carte-blanche ‘perfect outfit’—just like there’s no perfect husband, no perfect job, no perfect life. It’s all about finding something that makes you feel comfortable, that you can live and express yourself in, and that’s appropriate to whatever adventures lay along your way. The answer to this is different every day, and that’s part of what makes fashion so much fun!

What do you think is the easiest thing to style around? The hardest?

I think, for most people, dressing around denim is the biggest no-brainer: you can throw on almost anything with a good pair of jeans. Eveningwear, however, seems to be a challenge for many. You want to feel elegant, but you also want to be comfortable enough to eat and dance and live in that special moment. Often we make the mistake of being too “done-up” in these instances— forgetting that simplicity is usually much chicer and far more enjoyable

What attracts you to a piece of clothing first—is it color? Texture?

I look for a combination of versatility and thoughtful details. I want everything I own to be able to be worn in lots of different ways, but I’m not looking for boring old basics. I like classic pieces with surprising little twists, which I think is a description that characterizes everything we shot for this story.

What was the most challenging part about putting together these 30 looks?

I really wanted to illustrate a wardrobe of options that would encompass any possible occasion—not just workwear or weekend clothes, but a total lifestyle solution. It was as important to me to address that summer barbecue as it was to provide a solution for friend’s wedding. I even included pajamas!

Of all the pieces in the shoot, which were the ones you marked for yourself to buy?

There’s a great Tracy Reese tunic that I cannot live without. I’m pretty sure I was able to style it in more ways than anything else on the rack, and that everyone on set rushed out and bought one afterwards. It’s a must-have!

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