Givenchy Men’s Fall 2011: Want To Leash Your Boyfriend?

Givenchy Men’s Fall 2011: Want To Leash Your Boyfriend?
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The first time I realized that the ironic, “so ugly they’re cute” sweaters with animals’ faces appliqued on them were officially in style was during a trip to Topshop last year. I walked over to a knit emblazoned with a giant cat, and even though I was inexplicably drawn to the tacky thing, I didn’t think that anyone in her right mind would actually buy it. Well, I was wrong it sold out in almost every size.

Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy sent his take on the animal sweater down the runway a perfectly tailored version, of course in Paris yesterday. Yes, the Rottweiler-print collection is fun, and street style has gotten a little wacky these days, but would you let your beau out of the house in a dog-eared chapeau? How about a silk scarf printed with fangs, or a very literal take on a dog collar? I’m all for a Givenchy fur coat, but not one that would leave me looking like a Chocolate Lab.

I love dogs they’re cute and everything, but I don’t think I’d want my boyfriend to dress like one.

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