Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes Lure Blake Lively Away From Gossip Girl Set


If you skipped happy hour on Friday to pay a little visit to Saks Fifth Avenue‘s Manhattan store for the Giuseppe Zanotti appearance, you got a bit more than you bargained for.

Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively surprised shoppers at the department store with a personal visit while on break from the GG set. Lively is no stranger to Zanotti’s famous footwear, that can often be found on the ankles of A-list stars at red carpet events. But after wearing his shoes for so long, the Serena van der Woodsen alter-ego wanted to meet the man of the hour in person. Lively spent a large part of the afternoon at Saks chatting with Zanotti about fall footwear styles and testing out multiple pairs of the designer’s coveted shoes. She finally left with a pair of boots happily in hand (and personally signed by the designer).

While chatting with People magazine, Zanotti said “Blake Lively is a true Giuseppe Zanotti woman. The Giuseppe Zanotti woman loves fashion and enjoys being up-to-date.”

Well, if that’s the case, we can name a slew of women who embody this “Giuseppe Zanotti Woman,” well, minus the cash to purchase a closet-full of his designs. If you can’t afford to step out in a Zanotti original, at least take the designer’s free advice. According to Zanotti, the thigh high boot trend and open-toe booties will freshen up your look for fall. We couldn’t agree more.