Giuliana Rancic Busted Sarah Silverman with Weed on the Emmys Red Carpet

Sarah Silverman Brought Weed to the Emmys

It’s safe to say E!’s slightly absurd Mani Cam never busted a stoner before, but the same can’t be said for the network’s new Clutch Cam. During a particularly uncomfortable exchange with MVP of everything Sarah Silverman, red carpet host Giuliana Rancic asked to see inside her bag. Between idle chatter about Sarah’s iPhone cover and her boobs—Sarah busted out her weed vape pen.

“This is, uh, my pot. My liquid pot,” Silverman—who was nominated tonight—said.

Obviously, Guiliana tried to deflect the conversation by pulling something else out quickly, but the awesomely awkward episode reminded us how much we want to hang out with Sarah Silverman.