Gisele Bündchen’s Super Bowl Look Was Flawless, As Usual

Bella Gerard
Gisele Bündchen’s Super Bowl Look Was Flawless, As Usual
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There’s an old saying that goes: If a world-famous quarterback is playing in the Super Bowl, his hot, stylish wife is nearby. OK, maybe it’s not an ages-old saying, but in the case of Tom Brady, it’s always true. Gisele Bündchen’s Super Bowl looks are always fire, and of course, today’s was no exception. Really, what’s a Super Bowl without a Bündchen slay, anyway??

Regardless of what team Brady is playing for that year, I always find myself crossing my fingers he makes it to the Super Bowl, purely so I can enjoy some Gisele screen time. What can I say—now that we’ve said adieu (and good riddance!) to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show forever, I rarely see my fave model strut her stuff, so I’ll take a glimpse of her cheering on her boo from the stands over nothing. Plus, she always shows up looking cute AF, even if she keeps it low-key in team merch.

This year, Gisele looked adorable in her Buccaneers best, wearing a black tee with a red glitter Tom Brady logo and “Go Bucs!” printed in orange, a look which fans first caught a glimpse of via her Instagram Story as she headed into the game.

STYLECASTER | Gisele Bundchen Super Bowl Look

Courtesy of Gisele Bundchen/Instagram.

She accessorized with an armful of gold bangles and red and black Bucs bracelets, a simple gold necklace, gold hoop earrings and (sweet and safe) a black face mask with #12 on it for her boo. Her makeup looked natural and glowy, and her famous locks were serving major VS Angel vibes with voluminous, bouncy waves.

Gisele loooooves wearing her man’s team merch, so her look for the big game is no surprise. In fact, she even loves a full-on matching moment with the whole fam. Be honest—I think we can all agree this is total family goals:

As someone who only enjoys Super Bowl Sunday for the snacks and the halftime show, a few good fashion moments are just icing on the cake—err, toppings on the chili? That feels like a more Super Bowl-appropriate food reference. Either way, I love seeing Bündchen look bomb. Love you, Gisele!

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