The Internet Is Sure That This 16-Year-Old Model Is Gisele Bündchen’s Doppelgänger

The Internet Is Sure That This 16-Year-Old Model Is Gisele Bündchen’s Doppelgänger
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As one of the highest-earning models in the past decade, Gisele Bündchen has made a lot of money off her face. From her unbelievably high cheekbones to her sculpted, goddess-like nose, it’s hard to believe that anyone would mix the 37-year-old with someone else—until now.

Paula La Croix, a 16-year-old model from Brazil (the same home country as Bündchen), is being called the former Victoria’s Secret angel’s doppelgänger. The two might be 21-years apart, but they have some strikingly similar features, including their near-identical sandy-blonde hair, crazy-high cheekbones, and sharp jawlines. (Not to mention their drool-worthy arched brows.) La Croix notices the similarity too, crediting it for her early success in her career.

“Being compared to Gisele is an honor, she is simply amazing,” she told Yahoo. “I believe the comparison has only generated great things due to my attitude upon it.”

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Though La Croix considers Bündchen a role model, she wants the industry to know that they’re completely different individuals. Despite her scarily similar looks, the up-and-coming model wants to carve a place in the industry for herself—away from her supermodel look-alike.

“Of course I am inspired by her—she is one of my big inspirations due to her resilience and confidence,” she said. “However, I want to create my own path! My aim is to be myself and pursue my own career. But I do not compare myself to her, as we are both unique.”

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Though we’ve come across a lot of celebrity doppelgängers in our day (and we mean a lot), we can confidently say that La Croix is one of the more identical look-alikes. If she was 10 years older or Bündchen was 10 years younger, we likely wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Make the decision yourself with La Croix’s most Gisele-like selfies below.