Gisele Bündchen Allowed Her Kids One Piece of Candy This Week

Gisele Bündchen Allowed Her Kids One Piece of Candy This Week
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Even moms who try to avoid giving their kids sugar usually bend the rules for Halloween. After all of the trick-or-treating, most kids are allowed to indulge for a while, leaving a trail of Twix and Reese’s wrappers where’er they go. But not Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s children, who are perfect. They each had one piece of candy for Halloween, and then the rest of their loot was summarily donated to charity. Because they wanted less fortunate children to have their candy, and they didn’t even like it anyway.

Or so says Bündchen, who told People, “I let them try one [piece], but they really only had one bite and then they didn’t want it anymore.” In case you didn’t already know, the Bündchen-Bradys favor a strict 80/20 diet, which has various meanings to various people, but in their case, it means 80 percent vegetables and grains and 20 percent lean meats. “We don’t really have that kind of sugar in our house,” Bündchen said, throwing her hat in the ring for understatement of the year.

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“I told them if they didn’t like it I was going to give it away to other kids and they actually let me give their candy away,” Bündchen added, making it sound like the giving-away thing happened as a result of the kids not enjoying their bag of sugar. Though they get to eat dessert every day, they’re not exactly eating Twizzlers. “It’s a little different kind of sweets, so they’re not used to it,” said Bündchen. “I said to them, ‘You know, there are so many kids that don’t get candy and you guys got so many, some kids don’t even get one! And they’re like, ‘Oh mom, okay you can give it to them if they don’t get any.’” 

Slightly unclear if the whole thing happened because the kids really didn’t want their candy or they were guilt-tripped into it. Also unclear: Was this the first time little Jack, Benjamin, and Vivan tried Halloween candy ever? Doubtful, but the way Bündchen makes it sound, this was their very first rodeo. One inextricable fact remains: These kids are OK with letting go of their hard-earned candy, which means they’re superior to 99 percent of the population. Cool, guys.

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