“Girls” Star Jemima Kirke Poses Pregnant and Naked, Doesn’t Think Lindsay Lohan Will Ever Grow Up

Spencer Cain

screen shot 2012 10 09 at 9 51 51 am Girls Star Jemima Kirke Poses Pregnant and Naked, Doesnt Think Lindsay Lohan Will Ever Grow Up

While Lena Dunham was out inking $3.5 million book deals (which she may or may not deserve), her “Girls” costar Jemima Kirke — who plays the flaky but fabulous Jessa — was taking it all off in East Hampton for Viceand spilling on everything from her partying days to Lindsay Lohan.

In terms of the interview, Kirke interestingly remembered Vice journalist Annette Lamothe-Ramos from a party about ten years ago. “You seemed somewhat impressionable at the time. So I thought, ‘I could probably get this girl to do drugs with me’,” Kirke said. However, she was quick to point out that this isn’t who she is anymore. “I think that way of life stopped working for me really quickly. Some people know how to balance things, at least enough to be able to continue messing around, but I didn’t. I was very all-or-nothing about it, and you burn out really quickly if you keep going that way,” she said. Motherhood likely had something to do with it: Kirke — the daughter of  legendary Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke — already has one kid, and another that’s about to arrive any second.

One star who isn’t as evolved as Kirke? Lindsay Lohan. While Kirke was being photographed, she took a minute to read Page Six, which featured the report of LiLo’s alleged hit-and-run arrest last month. “Lindsay strikes again! It was at 2:30 AM, too. That’s not a good look. She definitely hasn’t [grown up], and I don’t think she ever will,” she said. Can’t argue with her on that.

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