Now You Can Bake Your Own Girl Scout Cookies At Home

Leah Bourne
Wicked Cool Toys Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

Photo: Wicked Cool Toys.

The next time you have a craving for Samoas or Thin Mints, you won’t have scope out clusters of uniformed girls outside supermarkets to find them—you’ll just have to go to a toy store. In what’s some really good news, or really bad news for your waistline, it seems you’ll soon be able to make your own Girl Scout cookies, at home.

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Wicked Cool Toys is introducing the first ever Girl Scout Cookie Oven this fall that comes with tools and mixes that allows amateur bakers to whip up cookies that look and taste just like the real thing.

The oven also includes a viewing window, a warming station, mix to create Thin Mints, a spatula, a baking pan and a measuring tool. And, for $6.99, you’ll be able to buy separate cookie flavors, like PB Sandwich, Trefoils, and Coconut Caramel.

Okay fine, the oven is technically for kids, but for $59.99, it’ll be way cheaper than ordering boxes from your co-worker’s daughter. And the fact you can whip up the world’s best cookies at a moment’s notice? Priceless.

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