The Fashion Girl’s Guide To Today: May 10, 2011


While the Northeast is seeing some of the best weather we’ve had all year, it’s hard to really enjoy it knowing how dire the weather conditions are in the Southern states. The Mississippi River crested in Memphis this morning, topping out at 47.8 feet. Read on for those details, as well as other news going on around the world this Tuesday.

  • Microsoft has agreed to buy Skype for $8.5 Billion in cash. The two companies said Microsoft plans to use Skype to support such products as the Xbox gaming system and Windows Phone. (CNN Money)
  • The Mississipi River crested at nearly 48 feet, just short of the record mark set in 1937. The flooding forced more than 1,000 people from their homes. Bob Nations Jr., director of the Shelby County Emergency Management Agency said, “I want to say this: Graceland is safe. And we would charge hell with a water pistol to keep it that way and I’d be willing to lead the charge.” (CBS News)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver announced yesterday that they are separating, after 25 years of marriage. The couple issued a joint statement saying, “After a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer, we came to this decision together. At this time, we are living apart while we work on the future of our relationship.” Sad Arnold (LA Times)
  • In what turned out to be a very close game, Miami Heat won game four against the Celtics in overtime 98-90. The Heat now have a 3-1 series lead on the Boston Celtics. (SB Nation)
  • Several hundred people are feared dead, after a boat carrying about 600 Libyan refugees headed for Europe capsized on Friday. This would be one of the largest accidents so far involving migrants leaving North Africa for Europe. Bodies of 16 people, including two babies, have already been washed ashore. (BBC)
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened at 12,685.13 this morning, above the previous close of 12,684.68. It’s currently up 46.77 points. (MSN Money)

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