The Fashion Girl’s Guide To Today: March 25, 2011


TGIF to all my fashion girls! It’s been a long, crazy week, filled with sadness, as the world said goodbye to a legend. To add insult to injury, the weather around the country this week didn’t help matters it was on a whole ‘nother level of bipolar. Luckily it’s Friday, so as we kiss another workweek goodbye, here’s the news you need to know to take you into the weekend.

  • In more tragic earthquake news, at least 75 people are reported to have been killed in a 6.8 magnitude Burma earthquake on Thursday. The quake struck near the Lao and Thai borders, and was felt as far away as Bangkok, and in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi. (BBC News)
  • Serious national security concerns are being raised as a result of an air traffic controller who fell asleep on duty early Wednesday morning as two inbound flights tried to land at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The two jets landed within a few miles of the White House, the Capitol, the Pentagon and other sensitive government buildings without clearance from the tower. (USA Today)
  • According to the U.N. refugee agency, one million people have fled Ivory Coast’s capital city, Abidjan amid escalating violence and fear of war. The west African nation has been in unrest since the November elections when President Laurent Gbagbo refused to cede power. Post election clashes have left at least 462 dead since December. (CNN)
  • Duke’s NCAA title run ended with a 93-77 loss to the University of Arizona. Coach Mike Krzyzewski was just two wins short of tying the mens major college basketball career mark. (Bloomberg)

  • The Dow has gained in five of its six last sessions as corporate earnings reports and encouraging forecasts have helped investors shake off their anxiety over Japan’s nuclear crisis, opening at 12170.71 today. (WSJ)