The Fashion Girl’s Guide To Today: March 10, 2011


Welcome to Thursday, my favorite day of the week. The majority of the week is finally behind you and you still have Friday and a full weekend to look forward to. But before you start planning your weekends, here’s the news you should know to get you through today.

  • Set your clocks! Apple will officially start taking orders for the iPad 2 at 1 AM PT, 4 AM ET this Friday. In-store sales won’t start until 5 PM local time across the country. (Information Week)
  • Moamar Gaddafi will innevitably be seeing increased international pressure as European Union leaders are due to meet in Brussels on Friday to discuss Libya. France has already backed Libyan rebel council According to French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, “We [France] are totally in sync (with Germany) to say that Colonel Gaddafi is discredited, he must go and we must enter in dialogue with new Libyan officials said NATO defense ministers. (Reuters)
  • The NFL could be looking at a third postponement of the bargaining deadline, because the possibility of settlement between the NFL and the players union is becoming increasingly unlikely by Friday’s bargaining deadline. Apparently, the union is seeking full audited financial statements for each of the teams covering as much as 10 years. (The Washington Post)
  • On Wednesday, the FDA approved the first new treatment for lupus, a debilitating autoimmune disorder, in over 50 years. When injected directly into a vein, Benlysta is designed to target a protein that may reduce the number of abnormal B cells believed to be at the root of lupus. In 1948, aspirin was approved to treat the disease, so this is a huge step for those suffering from the disease. (US News and World Report)
  • US stocks open lower today, with the DOW Jones Industrial Average opening at 12,211.43, a drop from previous close of 12,213.09. (MSN Money)

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