The Fashion Girl’s Guide To Today: July 19, 2011


You survived Monday, and hopefully you’re all surviving the deadly heat wave that’s gripping the nation. Remember to keep hydrated, keep cool and keep indoors. In the meantime, here’s a little news to keep you busy while you brave out the heat.

  • Rupert Murdoch and The News Corp. executives appeared before a special parliamentary committee to answer questions about the long-running phone hacking saga. For those who don’t know, the scandal stemmed from the allegation that, in 2002, News Corp.’s now-closed News of the World weekly hacked into the voice mail of an abducted teenager who, it turned out, had been murdered. Mr. Murdoch interrupted his son James during the committee hearing, saying, this was “the most humble day of his life.” (WSJ)
  • Syrian security forces opened fire at a funeral procession in Homs Tuesday, killing at least 10 people. In the past few days, the city that has seen some of the most serious violence in the four months since the uprising began. The death toll in Homs is now at about 50 people since Saturday. (Associated Press)
  • Just 24 hours after the US women’s soccer team lost the World Cup title to Japan, they were welcomes home with a warm welcome from fans. Fans greeted them at the airport in New Jersey before they headed to NYC, where they were greeted by hundreds more. While they were still reeling from their loss, the welcome helped bring spirits up. Abby Wambach said, “I am so disappointed for my teammates, myself. I am so disappointed for our country because I really feel like we had it. It was so close… Coming home to this kind of reception is truly one of the best things that has ever happened.” (SB Nation)
  • A teen victim dies after a car crash involving NBA player Lamar Odom. Odom was in New York for a cousin’s funeral when a collision occurred in Jamaica, Queens. The car he was riding in struck a motorcycle, which then hit the teen, who was a pedestrian. Odom and Khloe Kardashian both took to Twitter to express their condolences, Khloe tweeting, “My heart/soul goes out 2every1 in pain from any suffering. Pray 4 all of the angels surrounding us constantly. May our spirits stay strong.” (People)
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average opened at 12,386.03 this morning, and is currently up 125.14 points.(MSN Money)

Photo: Wu Wei/Xinhua/Sipa Press

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