SNSD Fans Are Freaking Out Because Former Member Jessica Jung Inspired This ‘Parasite’ Character

Photo: CJ Entertainment.

With director Bong Joon Ho’s latest movie making its rounds on the film circuit, global audiences are finally getting a chance to digest every part of Parasite—including access to some behind-the-scenes information. Like the fact that Girls’ Generation/SNSD’s Jessica Jung was in Parasite in a pretty unexpected capacity. Yep. Jung, who was a former member of the K-pop group that is still active today, was something of an inspiration for one of Ho’s characters.

Fans realized as much when the film released its original script to the public early this month, following its win at the 2020 Golden Globe awards. It was a sweet treat for fans wondering how to stream Parasite, especially after hearing they’d probably have to wait for the film to arrive in their city to watch it the good ole’ fashioned way.

In the original script, fans were surprised to see one of the film’s main characters Ki-Woo (Choi Woosik) mention Jessica Jung. “so in the script for Parasite, Ki-Woo picks the name Jessica from the k-pop star from Girl’s Generation 💀 the impact of SNSD,” wrote one Twitter user. The script reads as follows:

Through Yon-Kyo’s POV, we see the back of Ki-Woo’s head as he seemingly tries to remember.

Girl’s Generation. The girl group. What was her name — the one who started the jewelry brand?


Right! Jessica. My cousin has a school friend named Jessica. I don’t know her Korean name. She studied applied arts at Illinois State and recently moved back to Korea.

Ki-Woo’s makes a fitting reference. Jung, who went on to launch her luxury brand Blanc & Eclare, is a fleeting connection to Parasite‘s Jessica, who plays a fake art therapy teacher. Fans who picked up on the brief mention are freaking out over it, recalling just how significant members of K-pop groups have become in the larger cultural zeitgeist.