Gigi Hadid Reveals Reason Behind Noticeable Weight Loss

Gigi Hadid Reveals Reason Behind Noticeable Weight Loss
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When Gigi Hadid strutted down the runway for Victoria’s Secret in Paris, all eyes were on her colorful costumes—and noticeable weight loss. And though some people thin-shamed the 5-foot-10 model, Hadid went on the record to say that her slender frame is because of a thyroid disease.

“My metabolism actually changed like crazy this year,” she told Elle. “I have Hashimoto’s disease. It’s a thyroid disease, and it’s now been two years since taking the medication for it, so for the VS show I didn’t want to lose any more weight, I just want to have muscles in the right place, and if my butt can get a little perkier, then that’s good.”

gigi hadid weight loss Gigi Hadid Reveals Reason Behind Noticeable Weight Loss

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As far as exactly how Hadid got that butt perkier, she revealed that she’s a big believer in squats—though she hates them. “They’re painful, and you have to do so many for them to work,” she said. “Recently for the VS show, I put a sticky note in my kitchen, and every time I walked past the squats sticky note, I had to do 15 squats. Its a good trick because it reminds you that you have to have integrity with yourself. No one else is watching, so I have to just do it for myself.”

The star said she favors boxing for a good workout. “What’s great about boxing is that I couldn’t come to New York and sign up for Equinox, and go running. It was not good,” she said. [Ed. note: We imagine that she means to say that she’s too famous to saunter into her nearest Equinox and go for a quick trot on the treadmill, but—only Gigi knows for sure what she meant here.]

“So, I knew I needed to find something that gave me a coach, gave me a family— so that when I walk in, it’s like my big brothers,” she continued. “They’re like, ‘What up!’ They don’t care about who I am. That’s what I needed, and they don’t care about what my body looks like. They care that I give a good punch, and that’s how I want to be judged. That’s what makes me proud of myself.”

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In terms of her Model of the Year nod at the British Fashion Awards this week, Hadid credits the win to her energy—not just her photos and runway work. “People are like, ‘What does that mean work wise?’ or, ‘What does her body look like compared to all of the other girls’ bodies?’ or, ‘Her body of work compared to everyone else’s,'” Hadid said. “That was voted on by 1,000 people that I worked with this year, and I don’t think half of them said, ‘Gigi’s pictures were the best of my pictures this years,’ but maybe they said, ‘I had a great day shooting with Gigi. She gave all her energy. She really tried to understand the concept, and showed interest.’ I hope that’s 50 percent of why I got the award, not just the pictures.”

Gigi Hadid, model of the year, folks. We can see why.

gigi hadid weight loss 1 Gigi Hadid Reveals Reason Behind Noticeable Weight Loss

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