Gigi Hadid Stars in a New Versace Ad—with a Hot Husband and Two Kids

The timing of Gigi Hadid’s new Versace ad really couldn’t be more perfect. Yesterday, news broke of her breakup with Zayn Malik, which surprised approximately no one made everyone sad. But today, new ads for Versace show her strolling down the street, seemingly married to a hot guy with two gorgeous children and zero cares in the world. Deuces, Zayn.

The fall campaign, which also stars Karlie Kloss with her own male model husband and two kids, was shot by Bruce Weber, who is collaborating with Donatella Versace for the first time in almost 20 years, The New York Times reports. “Versace’s image is so much about the red carpet,” Versace told the NYT. “But I wanted to make day clothes fierce. You know: She’s a superstar, and she runs her business, and she runs her family too.”

Though this all sounds well and good, she went on to add, “Bruce decided we should shoot in Chicago.… Then he said we could be in the studio, but we had to go to the supermarket too, because really powerful women also go to the supermarket.” That’s right, folks: Just because you go to the grocery store does not mean you’re not powerful.