Gigi Hadid & Tyler Cameron Are Determined To Keep Their Romance As Low-Key As Possible

Aramide Tinubu
Gigi Hadid
Photo: Getty Images

It’s pretty challenging to keep your relationship under wraps when you are one of the biggest supermodels in the world. However, Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron’s low-key relationship reason makes a lot of sense to us. Gigi and The Bachelorette alum have essentially been having a summer romance comparable to The Notebook.

They’ve seemingly been glued at the hip, with Gigi taking Tyler to meet her mother, Yolanda Hadid. They’ve been spotted getting dinner in Soho with one of Gigi’s besties, Serena Williams and they’ve even gone on a mini-vacation upstate. The pair were also spotted having the best time at one of the MTV VMA afterparties. However, Tyler didn’t actually join Gigi at the show; she went with her sister Bella Hadid.

An insider told Hollywood Life, “They realize all eyes are on them when they’re out in public, but they really are just trying to explore a normal relationship despite being followed all the time.” Whew, we get it. But we also understand the obsession and the intrigue. Plus these two are super cute.

The Bachelorette alum is constantly at Gigi’s house, and since the paparazzi has basically staked the place out, there is no avoiding them. “Tyler and Gigi are trying to be as low key as possible, despite the circumstances, so they don’t like to show PDA unless they’re in a comfortable environment with family and friends,” the insider confirmed.

Also, since the pair were previously in serious situations–with Tyler getting rejected by Hannah B. on The Bachelorette and Gigi ending things officially with Zayn Malik earlier this year, we can see why they are treading lightly. “Tyler and Gigi’s relationship is moving quicker than they both thought it would, but it’s happening naturally and they’re not putting any pressure on it or any labels,” the source spilled. “[Gigi and Tyler] are happy, and that’s what counts.”

We hope it works out.