Gigi Hadid Is Helping Tyler Cameron With His Next Big Move & We’re All For It

Gigi Hadid
Photo: Getty Images.

It’s looking like these two are shaping up to be much more than a summer fling. Recent sources say that Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron are apartment hunting in NYC, which can only mean that these lovebirds are starting to take things to the next level. Well, sorta. This apartment hunt doesn’t necessarily mean that Hadid, 24, and Cameron, 26, are moving in together—just closer.

According to sources with E!, “Tyler has been looking at apartments that are in the same area as Gigi’s in NYC.” Gigi’s even been lending the Bachelorette alum a hand in the process: “She suggested a few to him,” says the E! insider, “and he wants to be nearby.” Swoon!

This news comes only a day after we learned that Gigi thinks that Tyler is the “total package,” so clearly things are heating up between the pair. “They are getting pretty serious and it’s not slowing down,” continued E!’s insider, “They text all day every day and see each other multiple times a week.” So while they haven’t confirmed their relationship yet, (which sounds a lot like another coy pair this summer—ahem, Shawmila), it’s pretty fair to say that these two are not so far off from being official sometime soon.

After all, Tigi (is this ship name ready to sail?) have been pretty casual about being spotted at the same places together. Following last month’s MTV Video Music Awards, Gigi and Tyler hit up the same after party and were spotted making out. And most recently, they both attended the Zendaya x Tommy Hilfiger show at New York Fashion Week. While they arrived solo and walked the red carpet separately, there’s no fooling us—we know this was a secret date!

It’s OK, though. We’re in no rush, and we’re not about to break Gigi’s need for privacy. All that really matters, according to another E! source, is that “They both are very into each other and are having a lot of fun together.” You can’t ask for much more than that!