The Subtle-Yet-Transformative Change Gigi Hadid Made to Her Makeup

Gigi Hadid
Photo: Theo Wargo/FilmMagic/Getty Images.

Gigi Hadid is a chameleon when it comes to makeup. As a model, the 23-year-old is a blank canvas for makeup artists to put on whatever their hearts and creativities desires. But that doesn’t mean that Hadid doesn’t have a say or a signature beauty look. In fact, Hadid’s makeup artist, Erin Parsons, confirms that the model is actually very hands-on when it comes to her makeup—so much so, that she has recently switched up one subtle detail that has majorly transformed her look.

In an interview with Yahoo, Parsons, who also works as a global makeup artist for Maybelline (which Hadid has a makeup collection with), confirmed that the model has made one key change to her makeup recently—and now that we know what it is, we can’t unsee. But what is that change? Bolder lips? More natural highlights? No, actually, it has to do with her brows.

According to Parsons, Hadid has been sporting a “softer brow” look recently that is in stark contrast to the darker, more dramatic brows she used to be into. Naturally, Hadid’s subtle change can be seen on her Instagram, which shows the transition to the soft, barely-there brows she mainly wears today. “[Gigi] knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like,” Parsons said.


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Of course, Hadid’s go-to pencil for her delicate brows is Maybelline’s TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen ($8), which she uses to create light, hair-like strokes (thanks to the applicator’s teeth) that give her brows some color and definition without going overboard.

Though we can’t know for sure if Hadid’s love for the brow pencil is authentic or spon con (she is a Maybelline ambassador after all), her thinner eyebrows are all real.

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