Gigi Hadid’s Prom Dress Was Better Than Yours, Obviously

Gigi Hadid’s Prom Dress Was Better Than Yours, Obviously
Photo: Wenn

What did you wear to prom? If you answered a red Herve Leger dress, then—congratulations, you’re just like Gigi Hadid. If you said a long, flowing, iridescent skirt and an accordion-fold halter top (guilty, junior year) or a vintage black cocktail dress (guilty, senior year, huge upgrade), congrats, you’re a normal (slightly misguided) person.

Although Hadid’s first modeling gig was when she was two years old (fittingly for Baby Guess) and she signed to IMG in 2011 (two years before she graduated from Malibu High School), she definitely went to prom “all four years” and never actually purchased a dress.

Gigi Hadid leaving a fashion show in Paris, France, during Paris Fashion Week. Featuring: Gigi Hadid Where: Paris, France When: 03 Oct 2016 Credit: **Not available for publication in France**

Photo: Wenn

“I wore my mom’s stuff to prom,” she told W. “My senior year, I wore a red Herve Leger dress. Not the normal bandage, it was the one where they had the short sleeves and a beautiful braided neckline and stuff. I loved it. It was red, bright red, and short. In Malibu, we wear short dresses to prom because we live at the beach. The long dress thing gets a little in your way in the sand and stuff.”

Exhibit A:

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Exhibit B:

So, now we know what Hadid wore to prom. It was perfect. We also know that in California, girls wear short dresses to prom. That sounds weird, but also perfect.

Also perfect: Hadid’s response to the slightly inane comment, “They must have been nervous, the boys,” about the Nervous Nancys at high school. “No, because I was just a girl they went to school with,” Hadid said. Probably not true, but the perfect answer all the same.

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