Gigi Hadid Looks Unrecognizable with Super-Short ’60s-Style Pixie Cut

Gigi Hadid Looks Unrecognizable with Super-Short ’60s-Style Pixie Cut
Photo: Getty Images

Say “so long” to Gigi Hadid‘s long hair and “hello” to the 22-year-old’s new pixie cut. If you didn’t hear us the first time, we’ll say it again: GIGI 👏 HADID 👏 HAS 👏 A 👏 PIXIE 👏 CUT. It’s alright, we don’t blame you for your shock. After years of giving us hair-envy with her luscious golden blonde locks, the older Hadid sister is switching things up and is looking more like her BFF Kendall Jenner‘s mom, Kris, than the beach babe icon we first fell in love with.

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But that doesn’t mean Gigi doesn’t look absolutely stellar. Let’s be real, the girl could probably rock a mullet and still look good AF. If you need proof, just look at the supermodel’s recent campaign with fashion designer, Stuart Weitzman. In the pictures, Gigi looks unrecognizable with a red-ish super-duper short pixie cut (with bangs!) while sporting some drool-worthy thigh-high boots. She’s also pants-less, but tbh, who cares when she has a super ’60s-esque pixie cut. (Twiggy is shook.)

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Now, we’ve been around the block a couple times when it comes to the hair game, so we’re no amateurs. We know that the hair gods like to play with our emotions with hair trickery like faux bangs, wigs, and temporary dye, and that Gigi’s pixie is likely no exception. (RIP.) But still, even if Gigi’s iconic blonde locks are hiding under a pixie toupee, at least we got the best of both worlds. We got to see what Gigi would look like in a pixie cut (though we had a strong feeling she’d look fab) and we still have many more days to come with her drool-inducing long blonde hair. It’s a win-win.