Gigi Hadid Has a Doppelganger and the Internet Can’t Deal

Gigi Hadid Has a Doppelganger and the Internet Can’t Deal
Photo: Getty Images

Gigi Hadid has some pretty unique features—her drool-worthy beach babe hair, her sumptuous blue-green eyes, her legs that go on forever—but even the 22-year-old supermodel can’t be one of a kind. Joining the club of endless Kardashian look-alikes, the older Hadid sister has her own doppelganger on her trail. (And she’s a model too!)

Danish model Amalie Schou is going viral for how much she looks fashion’s current “It” girl—and after staring at Schou’s Instagram feed (in the name of journalism, obv), we can see the resemblance. In addition to their near-identical tousled blonde locks, endless legs, and model pro pouts, Hadid and Schou share a similar genetic makeup. Both have Scandinavian roots—Hadid’s mom, Yolanda Hadid, is from The Netherlands, while Schou is from Denmark—so that might explain the striking similarities.

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While, of course, some pics will look more Gigi-like than others, we’d probably be pretty flattered to be compared to either Hadid sister, even in the slightest.