Bella Hadid Helped Gigi Hadid Down the Runway After She Lost a Shoe

Bella Hadid Helped Gigi Hadid Down the Runway After She Lost a Shoe
Photo: Getty Images

Even when she loses a shoe on the runway, Gigi Hadid doesn’t a miss a step. On Monday, while walking in Anna Sui‘s New York Fashion Week show, the 22-year-old supermodel suffered a fairly major wardrobe malfunction when her shoe fell off as she strutted down the catwalk. But, like the pro she is, Gigi brilliantly recovered—thanks, in part, to an assist from her younger sister, Bella.

The mishap occurred when Gigi’s ankle-strapped platform heel came loose as she made her way down the runway. However, if it wasn’t for photos of Gigi’s shoeless foot, the malfunction might have gone unnoticed. After her heel fell off, Gigi went into supermodel mode by pointing her foot into a tiptoe (to mimic her other heel) and continuing down the catwalk without any trace of a limp.

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When it came time for the finale, when Gigi would walk the runway again with the show’s other models, the older Hadid sister had the perfect fix for her lost shoe. As the models strolled out one by one, Gigi walked next to Bella, leaning on her for support. At first glance, it just looks like a moment of cute sisterly PDA.

But the move—cute as it was—actually was intended to prevent Gigi from tripping and falling flat on her face. Though there are probably tons of perks that come with having a supermodel sibling, Gigi and Bella’s epic wardrobe malfunction save has got to take the cake.