Gigi Hadid’s Airport Outfit Probably Looks a Lot Like Yours

Lindsey Lanquist
Gigi Hadid’s Airport Outfit Probably Looks a Lot Like Yours
Photo: Robert Kamau/Getty Images.

Celebrity airport outfits are usually reserved for the realm of the unattainable. Satin pants and stilettos. White cowboy boots and matching white sunglasses. Bodycon dresses and knee-high peep-toe boots. The list, as you can imagine, goes on.

But this weekend, Gigi Hadid added some much-needed practicality to the mix. The model left New York’s JFK airport wearing a black T-shirt, black leggings, white sneakers, a denim jacket and some simple sunglasses—AKA what you (probably) wore the airport the last time you went traveling.

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Gotham/Getty Images.

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While it’s refreshing to see a celebrity take to the airport in such a sensible ensemble, it’s not at all surprising that Hadid’s leading the pack. The model has mastered a kind of comfy-cute athleisure aesthetic that keeps her looking sharp-yet-casual wherever she goes. You’d be hard-pressed to catch her in something other than a tank top, leggings or sneakers—unless she’s on a red carpet, of course.

Any time I see photos of Hadid walking the streets of New York or Los Angeles, I have a real-life “celebrities—they’re just like us” moment. Whom among us hasn’t stepped out in a black cami and black ripped jeans? Sweatpants and sneakers? A turtleneck sweater and leggings? Hadid is out there being the sensible style icon all of us need. (Not all heroes wear capes.)

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And one more thing: If you’re one of the few who’s never taken to the airport in Gigi’s expertly assembled ensemble, give it a shot. The leggings will keep you comfy and mobile as you shift in your seat on the plane. The T-shirt is breathable enough for those too-hot beginning-of-flight moments but covered enough for those freezing mid-flight ones. The jacket is a blanket and outerwear in one. And the sneakers require no explanation.

When combined, these elements work together to maximize comfort and practicality. And the best part is: You can step off the plane just about anywhere and look cute enough for a quick Instagram.