Gifts We Love: Stay Fit and In Style With the Rose Gold Nike Fuelband

Leah Bourne

We’ve huge bands of the Fuelband for a while. The device, that you wear around your wrist, does everything from track ¬†your workout intensity and your sleep, to counting steps, and displaying your fitness progress in real time.
Let’s be honest though, as cool, and as helpful as it is, it hasn’t always been the most fashion forward device. That is changing in a big way thanks to the newly released¬†Nike+ Fuelband SE Rose Gold edition.
The fitness band features a PVD-coated stainless steel clasp, bezel, and screws. Layer it with other jewelry, or wear it alone, all while getting fit (or giving it as a gift to give that little push to that loved one who needs to hit the gym).
The Nike+ Fuelband SE Rose Gold, $169,

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