So, What Exactly Does Gigi Do For a Living? ‘Love Is Blind’ Fans Are Still Confused

Giannina Gibelli
Photo: Netflix.

If you’re signing up for a reality show, chances are, you need the kind of career that allows you to drop everything for a few weeks. Luckily, Giannina Gibelli’s job outside of Love is Blind seems to fit the bill. But fans of Damian’s boo are still a little confused as to what exactly this self-described “soulpreneur” does for a living following the Love is Blind season finale on Feb. 27, 2020. We’ve gathered what we know about Gi’s occupation up ahead, but don’t worry; there are no spoilers—only some clarity when it comes to this murky subject.

Giannina, now 26, vaguely describes herself as a “small business owner” on Love is Blind. We also get a mention of the reality show star’s use of social media “for work.” That latter hint adds up when you take a look at her professional LinkedIn account, which links out to a digital portfolio with work samples and an (outdated) resume. Funny enough, her personal site hooks visitors in with the following: “So, you’re curious about what I do..” Yes, Gi, we are!

Based on what we can see on her LinkedIn profile, Gi has a good deal of experience in social media consulting and marketing. It also looks like she went freelance shortly before filming for Love Is Blind kicked off—meaning she was fully available to take part in the 40-day experience by the time the love experiment began.

Given that her experience as a “small business owner” doesn’t seem to crop up on any of her professional records, we’re guessing that business was actually a side-hustle that Gi picked up around the time she started the series.

These days, it sounds like Giannina is still working as her own boss. In an interview with Esquire following the Love is Blind reunion special, she reveals that she’s dropped her gig as a business owner and is doing things her way.

“I was working so, so much as a retail business owner, and I stopped doing that the beginning of last year and I went through quite a few career changes,” she said. “But it was amazing because I was able to take time off and recollect and do so much soul-searching. I dabbled in being creative again, which makes me the happiest.”

Whatever makes you feel good, Gi! We’re sure Damian is happy as long as you’re happy…