“Sheep Station” Turns a New York City Gas Station Into an Animal Pasture

Leah Bourne

BFA_7149_835208Is it a gas station? Is it an art installation? Is it a farm? You will definitely do a double-take if you happen to walk by the Getty Station in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, once the destination of cabbies looking to pick up a pack of cigarettes, or suburban-bound travelers filling up their tanks.
The revamped Getty Station, conceived of by real estate developer Michael Shvo, has the aim of bringing outdoor exhibitions to a broad audience. The gas station was purchased by Shvo in 2013, who is constructing a luxury apartment complex next to it.
While that is happening the Getty Station will feature exhibitions throughout the construction period and the space eventually will be incorporated into the building as a permanent element.
The first program (on view now) is “Sheep Station,” which is showcasing 25 of the late François-Xavier Lalanne’s stone and bronze “Moutons”—the French word for sheep. This marks the largest Lalanne collection to ever be shown publicly in an outdoor presentation.
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“Sheep Station,” the inaugural exhibition of Getty Station, 239 Tenth Avenue, opens to the public on Tuesday, September 17. It will be on view through October 20, 2013. 

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