Fashion Gets Political: Headbands And Dress Suit Disasters

Liz Doupnik
Fashion Gets Political: Headbands And Dress Suit Disasters
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If you tuned into President Obama‘s State of the Union Address last night, you may have agreed or disagreed with what America’s main man had to say. But there appeared to be another point of contention during the public address EVERYONE agreed upon: Hillary Clinton’s headband. You heard me; accessories have gone political.

In the Twitter-sphere, there were many a snarky comment that the former First Lady should possibly make a cameo on Gossip Girl as Blair’s evil aunt (you know, given her fondness for headbands and pearls through the years). While not very nice, we have to agree there is something a bit outdated about a woman of a “certain” age trying to pull off a girlish accoutrement.

Honestly though? We love it on Mrs. Clinton (after all, it’s her staple), but we’re more concerned about the dressing that we’ve seen IN the White House save possibly Jackie K. and Michelle O. (Come on, dress suits are not flattering, ladies. I repeat: NOT flattering.)

If you need proof, click through the slideshow above. Pretty flipping convincing, no?

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Laura Bush: OK, we love the idea of a pantsuit, but let's spruce it up with some color. We know politics are serious business, but there's no reason your color choices need to be.

Nancy Reagan: We love the idea of Nance's look, but come on girl! You have a waist in there somewhere -- show it off!

Patricia Nixon: That print...

Eleanor Roosevelt: Love what she did for the country and the ladies, but hate what she did with her wardrobe (although we secretly love that stole...).

Mamie Eisenhower: The classic pearls are a great idea, we just wish we could say that for the rest of her outfit...

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